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We automate all of the manual tasks of maintaining and securing your physical security devices

Managing Your Physical

Security Made Simple

Our Mission is to make physical security systems as reliable
and secure as IT systems.


Service assurance monitoring to ensure your systems are always working.

Synchronized batch password and user name management for security cameras and Genetec.

Batch firmware updates for security cameras.

Edge Secure is like adding another team to make your physical security, cybersecure and compliant.


Fully integrated into Genetec Security Center

Looks and feels just like Security Center and is a component of security center.

Blisteringly Fast

Edge Secure will do in minutes what would take a team of engineers weeks to do changing user names, passwords and implementing firmware updates.

Simple to Use

Edge Secure’s clean, simple interface requires no complex instructions and everything can be done under one pane of glass

Save Time and money with automated, synchronized bulk password and firmware management.


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Firmware Management


Simple User Interface


Cyber Security


Password Management

Automated Service Assurance

Security cameras are not a “set-it and forget-it solution”. Without continual monitoring, a myriad of issues can prevent your video surveillance system from working when your customers need it most, affecting their safety, costing you money and reputation. Senseb4‘s automated service assurance is the leading, easiest to use, most cost-effective automated service assurance solution for physical security systems on the market today. Get faster time to resolution, reduce service calls and exceed customers’ expectations with SLAs.

Synchronized password management from VMS to device

Your use of surveillance cameras might be leaving you more open than protected. These devices are targets that cybercriminals and hackers love to exploit. Stay in compliance and keep unwanted people out of your cameras and devices by updating passwords with ease. Edge Secure will update passwords in Genetec Security Center and automatically synchronize them with your Axis, Hanwha and Bosch cameras.

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