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About Us


Our Mission is to make physical security systems as reliable and secure as IT systems.


Firmware Management


Cyber Security


Simple User Interface


The first issue we addressed was being able to cost effectively monitor security devices to ensure they were operational. Current service assurance tools were too complex to implement and understand the data they provided.  So, we developed a service assurance that was simple to implement, easy to use and understand and was affordable to everyone.


Next, was making security devices cybersecure. Two cornerstones of cyber security are password and vulnerability management and we could see that VMS and camera manufacturers had a disconnect. Each had their own password management systems resulting in a lack of coordination meaning large deployments were reduced to cumbersome manual processes. The biggest threat to any system can be described as deliberate or accidental misuse by those who have legitimate access to the system. But other concerns are phishing attacks or the use of social engineering on employees or contractors to gain the necessary credentials for access, neither of which require an active Internet connection to be successful.


Why would attackers attack physical security systems ?

Because our background in cybersecurity tells us that hackers know physical security devices are a decade behind IT security on the technology and policy front, therefore offering the lowest barrier of resistance to reach their target. Connected devices such as cameras, sensors, and digital door locks present cyber criminals with new points of entry into organizations. If any one of these assets is compromised, organizations could face a cybersecurity breach that wreaks havoc on all devices connected to their network.

Our background and expertise in cybersecurity and physical security is the foundation for building solutions that help modern businesses mitigate the cyber risks that are involved with implementing physical security measures.


PREMETRIX solutions are continually monitoring to ensure that your physical security is always working and is secure from the two most common causes of a breach – compromised passwords and outdated firmware.

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